Monday, November 27, 2006

Crafting and Such

Hey you's,
Here is a sockie, LOL a Christmas stocking. That I made, with Lion suede and glittery fun fur, not that you can see the glitter in the
picture but its a nice looking stocking . .. I also finished the sockies, well the first pair for my dad. I am hoping to have a couple pairs made up for him for Christmas.
They are an oatmeal color, I do really prefer to do his socks in grey or blues but the oatmeal was all I could get hold of, when I went to the wool shoppe to pick it up ( I was out of my Briggs & Little Tuffy at home). So now I am
going to make him a couple thin pairs of socks and that will round out his towel! I know he will like them even though they are thinner (sport weight are the ones to come). I know he will like this pair too, little thicker than the sport weight. ah well, enough about that. In one of the groups I am in, LOL well, in and moderate I guess. . . . we are doing a show your stash area thing, so that we can all see and learn from where others hide their stashes! LOL so I will show you mine in the midst of the holiday hell it is seeing! LOL
Well, Now you see it! LOL not that messy but messy just the same, on top there are some dishcloths I made, some walker pockets I made to sell and never sold, The Christmas sock that is pictured above. then a thing of wool that was given to me to make some mittens, that I haven't gotten around to making, an affie that I am working on(needs some yarn from my mom in the city to get any more done with it). then the tall tower is full of yarns, wool and otherwise, then the wicker basket has the yarn I got from my gramma's estate. then in the wallymart bag is a bunch of yarn for making a sweater for my nephews birthday, I cant wait to start on it. Then in that Christmas bag is that beautiful Floral Cascade Afghan that I made for my sis for Christmas. I am still debating socks in the bag that's why she lives like that, well and I showed it to my mom in law and she thought it was beautiful. Pictures of it are in the previous posting. In the paper bag one set of drawers over is the wool I got for myself and from my birthday from my momma, at Natural Fibres in Regina, Love that store . . . In those drawers are my fabric stash! LOL

So, that's it for now . .. . talk to you soon,

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Just cuz I like it!

Isn't this little devil cool? I like him!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

WIP- Work in Progress

Hey all, I been working on this affiegan, I bought the yarn in the city. OOPS I didnt buy enough for my alteration of width to the pattern so, My wonderful Mummy, yes my mummy, went back to the wallymart where we bought the first balls and bought me 2 more, now I jsut need to get my butt back to the city to be able to pick them up and add the length I need to my affie so we can snuggle up under it. (which would be nice as it is blowing like mad outside today!! and I do mean madd!!) So that is the WIP that I cant finish yet! LOL, now for my other WIP . .. So there be the sockies, well they are not sockies yet. They are just the start of a sock. I know I need to get busy on them . ... but I was hopeing to finish the affiegan, that didnt have enough yarn, that still doesn't til I go see my mummy, who is in the city two and a half hours of driving away. So needless to say til momma tells me when we are putting up the the Christmas tree, yes I figure she is gonna need a hand again. I have an affie to tuck away in my room til I can finish it! I love how its looking though! dont you?
LOL and as far as them socks for dad go, well I will be on them soon as I finish my dishes. And be glad there is no pictuer of them cuz the stack would scare ya!
LOL, I hate washing dishes and when you are busy running here and there and your hubby is putting on a deck that turned into a porch, very nice, thinking of makin it a dining room but dunno bout it yet. YOur house is upside down and your lucky if you can find the damn sink never mind do the dishes! LOL, I Might show you pictures of the tamed down version later! LOL as we have been tidying up a bit as we go . . . though not 100 % LOL!
Well I should run! Catchya's all later!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Upcoming pictures and projects . . .

Hey all,
Just stopping in. I finished the stocking I was working on. Should get a picture posted soon. I have started an affie for my hubby. In a medium brown, woulda liked to have dark chocolatey brown but had to settle for a medium brown, should look good with the couch anyways. . . So, I have yarn for my dad's socks to knit for christmas. I also bought some yarn to make a sweater for my nephew for his birthday in January. So that pic is going to take awhile. but will post pictures when I get to them. Doesnt look like your going to get a picture of the first dickie I made for Hubby, so when I make him the navy one that I intend to make even though he says the one he has is fine I find the fight to get it over his head a little disturbing, so am goning to make a bigger one for him. and beyond that . . . socks for dad, sweater for nephew, affie on the hook for hubby, dickie to make, maybe a few other odds and sods of socks . .. cuz I love them . . . :)
Well off and running as I need some sleep. My time in the city wore me out I think . . either that or being home has! (you know how the dishes arent done when you get home from leaving the hubby by himself, they are still in the sink but I'm tired still)

Off to bed anyways,
Talk to you sooon,

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Socks , blenders and the BIG BLUE CHAIR!


I am posting pictures of my new blender. . .Just because I love it! It has a food processor attachment . .. And works wonderful!!! LOVE IT! I know, shouldn't get so excited over a blender but . . . I like milk shakes, not the crappy fat filled/ sugar rush ones you get in the fast food restaurants . . . Real ones. . . And I have my hubby hooked too! LOL Real Banana, Frozen Berries, Milk and Ice cream . . .. And mmmm yummy you got it!

I also posted pictures of Sis' hubby's Christmas socks. Now I did this because I highly doubt he is taking the time to read my blog . .. LOL too busy with other stuff like work and sleep and movies, games and pool nights all the good stuff you see! I hope you enjoy the picture.

Now, I am selling the big blue chair. I know, I haven't posted about the big blue chair before but I am now. I loved that chair. Was my first, my chair, the one I bought myself for my little house when I was on my own. Before the hubby . . . Was my only really good chair for a long time. It was the one I curled up in to watch a movie read a book, sometimes even use the computer from it, though that was a bit of a challenge, but I did it. And as I was a single woman, yes I ate in it too . .. . I know, a blue chair cant be a friend but, its been t through a lot with me. My cat for one, she has scratched the front corners just enough to say she was there . . . LOL and she would snuggle in it with me. It was in the house when I met my long distance relationship(the one that was Canadian with American and just didn't work out), it was their when I self medicated with Rolo Icecream when I broke off with My American Chicagoan. It moved 2.5 hours across the province with me to become our only real piece of furniture, until the glider rocker came home, well then, the glider rocker was mine and the big blue was the PS2 Gaming chair for hubby. Now, I have a couch and chair passed to me that was in my Grandma and Great Gramma's house when they lived together and looks like new. Is comfy and takes up the whole living room with the glider rocker. I know we need a bigger house and would love to keep the chair til then but it can't live in my kitchen! No way! No room! Madness I tell you! So It is currently on the covered deck awaiting the call that somebody wants it. Hopefully someone will want it soon! Take it and love it and have it be there for them . . . The snuggle chair . . ..
*giggles* well, I hope you have enjoyed! talk to you soon,

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It was Raining Now it's Snowing . . . Is the old man snoring?

Hey all,
Well, yesterday. It freezing rained, til there was a sheet of ice we call the ground. Today It snowed on it. Lovely! Tiz some madness in the weather. I should take some pics and post them later. . . . think I will. cuz its sooo lovely! LOL The temperature is nice, but the lack of sun is nasty... we might wither up round here . . but the sun is suposed to come out tommorow. but not holding my breath! LOL

So, what did I craft yesterday? well I made a turtleneck dickie for my hubby, which i would post a picture of but he is wearing it. even though I made it tooo tight! I dont know how he can stand it tight! I wouldnt couldnt handle that! but he apparently can. so I am making another to fit better . . . *giggles* I hope! LOL

So off and running to read emails and get started on the second dickie. which Maybe I can get a picture of! LOL

Talk to you later!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Baking Bread, socks and Grandma

Yes as per the title, I got up the nerve to try making/baking bread. I made raisin bread. It turned out well except its a little over cooked. I shoulda pulled them out of the oven earlier, they are still good but little browner and crustier than intended. So good for me! I tried something new and it worked! Gonna try again soon . .. .

Now I have been trying all day to put some socks on my needles and havent been able to hold my attention to them. I keep feeling like I dont really wanna do them.. NOw this is really odd for me as I LOVE TO KNIT SOCKS!! so, I am thinking it must be that I myself am not ready to use the first yarn I set out to use(I had bought it with my late gramma in mind) so I switched yarns and well my heart still wasnt there. Now isnt that kinda odd? but maybe it was that I just don't feel like socks at this momment. Just missin gramma alot I guess. Maybe gonna try some dishcloths . . . maybe . .. . LOL . . .

Well guess I should run here, talk to you all later,