Tuesday, October 31, 2006

By the Way . . .

Happy Hallowe'en!!!!!

Finished the Christmas Sewing!

Hi all,
I have finished my Christmas sewing. :) This is always a happy day, though I did finish it a couple days ago . . . I have been working on the Christmas Knitting and Crochet now . .. Some socks and slippers and such you know. But because family reads this blog. I am not going to post pictures til after Christmas. Nothing like having a sneaking suspicion of what your getting b4 Christmas to ruin the surprise of it all. So sorry guys you gotta wait. Mind you Hubby wants an afghan so . . . Might make it and post it as he will want to use it b4 The end of December because its BRRR outside and sometimes inside already!!! So, he is almost done the deck might treat you to some pics of that later . . . Anyhow . . . Off to the awaiting sock . ..
talk to you later!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Floral Cascade!

Well, Here we go! I actually finished the affie! Wow, what a lot of work and patience went into this one! I sure hope she likes pink! But she is done! Only took what 12 days! LOL course I did do other stuff too, so I managed to do her up pretty quick, Mind you the odd hand cramp from over crocheting or having too much tension on the line didn't help progress too much. Think I will call it my theropy blankie, My gramma loved rose pink, this affie was a little more pink than she would like but I had lots of thoughts of her while I stitched away at the leaves and flowers of the pattern . . . thinking about how much she would love the delicate beauty of the affie. So, now I have finished her up and now it is off and running with sewing . . . hmmm and some other wonders of course! HOpe you enjoy the pictures . . . will drop a line again soon . ..

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Affie and Sockies?

Hi all,

I have been busy crocheting an afghan for my sis . . . I have a picture of one of the panels attached here *smiles* I know I promised it and I will post another once I get more done on it.

YOu know! I am dying to make a pair of sockies. I always tell myself one thing at a time though. so must finish the affie first. but itchin for time to make socks! I have a lot of christmas sewing to do too. so sockies may be awhile . . .

I also included pictures of our early christmas snow . . . I say this because it feels like we are skipping right over halloween and going straight to christmas this year. No fall for us, just straight to winter. That snow fell on October 16th I took the pictures yesterday October 18 and It is still trying to melt or something out there because it looks the same! well there is a bit more of our truck peaking out from the snow in the back yard but that is about it!

I had just got my carrots out of the ground while it was snowing on sunday. Yesterday I washed and blanched a box of them. Two to go so gonna be a busy girlie . . . off and running . . .

WEll back to the affie, carrots or something.
Talk to you all later,

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Well guys, I am working on an afghan for a sis for christmas. I have a skull cap for her oldest son on my needles for his birthday, which is comeing right up! I hope to finish it today . . . we shall see how time works out! Then I am not sure what to make next . . . I need to get in and do some sewing in my room but my room(craft room/spare bedroom) is full of odds and ends that wouldnt go on freecycle. that need to be delivered on a trip to the city or that have no other home in the house as of yet! oh my what a mess! I got a couch and chair which is the biggest culpret of the mess. I needed a couch and chair as we had one huge blue chair(now in my kitchen!) and a rocking chair(now in the craft room) and 2 computer chairs. HOw does one have a visit on that? so, now there is a couch and chair, very nice, very functional but very spacetakeing in the way of what the hell to do with the room now!! I know I will find a way but, I am still not feeling right after loosing my gramma so . . . It will take awhile for me to get things back to the functional way again. Think I am taking a load of stuff to freecycle in the city! LOL that freecycle works best anyways. . . more people less travel to get things. . . . dont get me wrong they can keep the city . . . I lvoe the country and wouldnt move back to the city without some very big extremes! Nice and quiet here, noisy busy there . . . not that I mind busy but you know what I mean . . . dont ya? maybe. hmmm well I guess I should go and see about the mail and such. . .
Catchya all later . . . still need that pic of the affie!
next time!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Life or something like it . . .

Hi all,
Just dropping a line to say I am still here. I know I haven't posted for awhile but, I was busy with work, then my gramma went for surgery. My gramma didn't make it through the surgery, so . . . it may be awhile before I am back to posting much. I am working on an afghan though that I will post pictures of at some point . . . *sighs*
(((big hugs all)))

Love those you love with all your heart and treasure every moment you have with them, we do not have those we love forever on earth. Hold them dear, some times the time we have is too short . . .